1. How do you call powershell script throught Sharepoint Page
  2. What is a worker process? What is the name of worker process fro timer job?
  3. How do you deploy master pages in production ?
  4. Location of webparts and masterpages in Sharepoint 2010?
  5. What are delegate controls In which way we can use them in sharepoint?
  6. How to convert asynchronous event handlers to synchronous ?
  7. What is meant by claims based authentication? Explain the process?
  8. Which is better CSOM or Rest Services?
  9. List event triggering twice how to stop that?
  10. What is an applicaton pool?
  11. What is a site definition Explain in detail?
  12. How many xml files does a sharepoint feature? What will be the case in timer job?
  13. What is the timer job class inherited from?
  14. Explain BCS connectivity in sharepoint 2010?
  15. What are modules in sharepoint 2010?
  16. XSLT is replaced by _____in sharepoint 2010?
  17. What is WSP? What is the use of that?
  18. Drawbacks of Runwith elevated previleages?
  19. What are the changes you noticed from sp2010 to sp2013 from developer perspective?
  20. What are the databases created when we create a new user profile service application?
  21. Explain sharepoint architecture?
  22. How to customize ribbon? explain about onet.xml file?
  23. What are the differences between webpart and visual web part?
  24. Idea on sandbox solutions?
  25. Write a caml query?
  26. How to retrieve a single item from sharepoint list with a condition using CAML? Explain step by step process?
  27. Custom search configuring and developing using sharepoint object model?
  28. Explain FBA how you configure it?
  29. What are contracts in WCF?
  30. Tell about SPwebapp,SPsite and SPweb?
  31. What are the override methods in a webpart?
  32. Step by step procedure of App model?
  33. What is managed meta data ?
  34. What is developer dashboard and how do you activate it and what details it will give?
  35. What are synchronous and Asynchronous event handlers?
  36. How do you design master page in sharepoint 2013 or sharepoint 2010?
  37. Differences between SPSite and SpWeb?
  38. What is Feature.xml and Elements.xml?
  39. What are restful services? Mention few of them?
  40. Write few powershell commands
  41. What are Application Pages? In which scenario we will use them?
  42. How can you set masterpages for different pages?
  43. What is SPFARM exactly?
  44. From which class Timerjob derived?
  45. Create custom properties for a webpart?
  46. What is a pagelayout and how it is different from master page?
  47. What is minimal download strategy ?
  48. Suppose you have a control on master page and want to show that to few members what we need to do?
  49. What are multiple document ready in javascript?
  50. What is content type hub?
  51. How many type of zones are there in sharepoint?
  52. More than 2 level groupBy is possible or not for sharepoint lists?
  53. What is distributed caching?
  54. What are the new service applications available in sharepoint 2013?
  55. What are the new features in sharepoint 2013?
  56. What is Rest API in SP2013?