Bharath Radhekrishna

Architecting Sharepoint and Azure Solutions


Sharepoint and Azure


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bharath ,
    This is Vinod from Tirupathi,AP.
    Why do u more intrested in Spirituality.
    can u share u knowledge in spirituality..

  2. Hi;

    i tried to mail to but it didnt get delivered so

    Hi bharath this is srikanth & iam new to sharepoint designer, I just saw your video in youtube, iam facing problem o finding the required environment for sharepoint designer 2010

    I want to learn sharepoint designer from scratch so i dont know how to install sharepoint in my system

    configuration is win 7, 8GB RAM, i7 processor

    i asked few of my friends but the information is not helping me in any ways so please can u mail me the required software to install sharepoint designer 2010 & please can you send me any ebooks or links of you have so that it will help me to learn sharepoint designer

    Iam leaving in bangalore & my contact number is 9886053890 & please can u give me your contact number so that i could talk to u on this

    Please Please help me

  3. Hi Bharat,

    Kindly help me with sharepoint files so that i could install it on win 7 and learn things.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mohan dass R

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