Office 15 Screen Shots

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Hi All,

Its Nice that MSFT released Consumer preview of new OFFICE package known as OFFICE 15.

Here Some of the screenshots.

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Hot Fix For Windows 7 Start Menu Search Not Working

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Sometimes in windows 7 start menu search will not work. Many blogs will tell you to edit the registry. But it is not recommended. Microsoft released the hotfix for this. Download at:

.chm file not viewable

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The CHM viewer component is not properly registered on your PC
The system file \system32\hhctrl.ocx may get missing, corrupted, or unregistered.

Solution: Run “regsvr32 hhctrl.ocx” command from the command line to register the library in the system.

Your CHM files are stored in the folder with ‘#’ (hash) character in the path
Many C# developers discovered that their documentation and e-books in CHM format cannot be read because they were storing their CHM files in the directories like ‘C:\E-books\C#\’
The hash character signifies an anchor in HTML so the CHM viewer fails to resolve the path properly and to retrieve the content.

Solution: Remove the ‘#’ (hash) character from the directory name. Also avoid using ‘?’, ‘&’, and ‘+’ characters in directory names.

1. Double-click the .chm file.
2. In the Open File-Security Warning dialog box, click to clear the Always ask before opening this file check box.
3. Click Open.

Method 2

Right-click the CHM file, and then click Properties.

Click Unblock.

Double-click the .chm file to open the file.

Take me to Pilot

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2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup In India

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2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Presentation on Software as a Service on 12 Feb 09 By me.

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Gmail down

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Hi friends My gmail account is not opening from yesterday night i.e 6th Aug 08 and also not opening today.

ఫైరుఫాక్సు లో జిమెయిల్ రావటం లేదు కాని అదే ఇంటర్నెట్ ఎక్సప్లోరర్ లో వస్తుంది

I dont know what happened exactly so I have send a mail to gmail team they send the following reply:


Thank you for your report.

We are aware of this problem, and our engineers are making progress to
restore account access. You can find timely updates in the Gmail Help
Discussion group at:
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


The Google Team

I dont know what happened this is drawback of google.

I have read many blogs and I found that same account is opening in IE.

I tried opening in IE it is working fine.

I dont know what happened with IE only its working.

I must switch to some other alternative to gmail.

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